How to render slides from spacemacs org mode to reveal.js

Posted on Tue 31 May 2016 in spacemacs • Tagged with spacemacs, revealjs, org-mode, slidesLeave a comment

Steps to follow

  1. Create a spacemacs layer or add to dotspacemacs-additional-packages ox-reveal
  2. SPC f e R to re-scan the packages (so that ox-reveal will be installed from melpa)
  3. Open a file in org mode (I use the deft layer to use org mode and taking notes)
  4. Put as a header ...
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Configure ERC and ZNC.el with znc on spacemacs

Posted on Fri 25 March 2016 in spacemacs • Tagged with spacemacs, irc, erc, zncLeave a comment

Introduction and goal of today

Spacemacs is my default editor since 7 days and I am really satisfied, so far. I use it for python and elixir currently. I am also taking notes and I discovered the deft layer which fits my needs in note taking. Lately I am also ...

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Render org journal documents with sphinx theme and spacemacs

Posted on Mon 21 March 2016 in spacemacs • Tagged with spacemacs, org mode, readthedocs, sphinx, readtheorgLeave a comment


I am an org mode beginner (I am always a beginner, that's why I write blog posts ;)), however I wanted to document how to render nicely my org journal notes

NOTE: org mode for non-spacemacs users is a mode where you can write notes (long or short), todos ...

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Going from vim to spacemacs

Posted on Fri 19 February 2016 in spacemacs • Tagged with vim, spacemacs, awesomeLeave a comment

Why going from vim to spacemacs?

Because you will have vim + emacs, finally in an almost seamless integration! No more editor wars, peace on earth and endless fun for everyone..

For instance, from a less hyped point of view, in my case I needed to have good support for the ...

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