Vundle, easy VIM plugin management

Posted on Wed 12 December 2012 in vim • Tagged with vundle, vim, editorLeave a comment

Vundle is a VIM plugin manager, it works like a charm and it is approaching version 1.0, now at the moment I have 0.9, but it's pretty stable and totally functional

Vundle enables you (yes, you VIM addict) to install plugin like pathogen but with some spicy ...

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Jedi vim a powerful autocompletion for the python addict

Posted on Sun 21 October 2012 in vim • Tagged with vim, python, jediLeave a comment

It happens sometimes to dream about a thing and the internet helps you to realize your little dreams (you lazy worker!)

Since I begun to use vim with python I added a lot of plugins to make my editing experience comfortable like: dynamical syntax checking, flake8 checking, etcetc -- you can ...

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