Jedi vim a powerful autocompletion for the python addict

Posted on Sun 21 October 2012 in vim

It happens sometimes to dream about a thing and the internet helps you to realize your little dreams (you lazy worker!)

Since I begun to use vim with python I added a lot of plugins to make my editing experience comfortable like: dynamical syntax checking, flake8 checking, etcetc -- you can have a look at my dirty vim setup if you feel adventurous.

I always missed some kind of advanced and fast autocompletion for python that introspected all the modules/code dynamically.

Thanks to Pycoder's Weekly (check it out at pycoders !) I found jedi-vim

This "small" "xwing" jedi-vim plugin! Using his force, you'll be able to:

  • Autocomplete like a charm
  • Goto
  • Goto definition
  • Call pydoc for any code (with the help of 'K')

Please see the delicious screenshots at jedi-vim -- you will be enlightened (maybe ;))