Vundle, easy VIM plugin management

Posted on Wed 12 December 2012 in vim

Vundle is a VIM plugin manager, it works like a charm and it is approaching version 1.0, now at the moment I have 0.9, but it's pretty stable and totally functional

Vundle enables you (yes, you VIM addict) to install plugin like pathogen but with some spicy search, update, delete capabilities

You just fire up your VIM, do a :BundleSearch NERD for example and you are ready to receive results and install, for example The-NERD-tree by pressing 'i'

Once a Bundle is installed you have to add inside your $HOME/.vimrc a line like:

Bundle 'The-NERD-tree'

and that's all.

Vundle will keep track of the packages and will update them every time you run :BundleUpdate

you can specify also git repos, it's really easy:

Bundle ''

fetches jedi-vim from github automatically and puts the jedi into your $HOME/.vim/bundle

Here is an example of my current .vimrc if you are curious